Breaking down barriers in jazz

The problem with women in jazz is longstanding. That’s why we have We promote women musicians, globally!

UC San Diego Extension


by Beth Wood

Holly Hofmann is an acclaimed jazz musician who tours internationally. Her success has not been without challenges, however. Hofmann has had to overcome misconceptions and biases about her gender and her instrument. Often told a woman couldn’t make a living in jazz, she also has had to convince many that the flute belongs in a jazz band as much as a saxophone or trumpet.

“I have been fighting discrimination since 
I was a young student,” Hofmann said. 
“The flute was a problem, but it’s also related to the question about women. Other women who played the so-called jazz instruments were not welcome either. A lot of the men didn’t want women on the bus.”

Hofmann fully supports the goal of the UC San Diego Jazz Camp to increase its number 
of female students. She has been an instructor at the weeklong summer camp almost every year since…

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Free Enterprise

Be your own boss and you won’t have to complain about the person who’s in charge of your life! ~ Diva JC

Words We Speak

Below is my response to this article

Sam’s Club CEO Under Fire From White Men For Insisting on Diversity

rosalindbrewster-Sams-club-ceo Rosalind Brewster, President & CEO of Sam’s Club since 2012

America is a corporation based on free enterprise, meaning that anyone, white, black, brown, yellow, or red can start their own business. Blaming others for your failure is nonsensical. Each of us, every human being on Earth has a gift that is uniquely theirs.

It costs less than $100 to incorporate a business in any state in the United States. I’m not sure what it costs in other countries. But the corporate tax per year is $150 before May 1 in the U.S. So for $100 plus $150 per year, you’re in business. Your target market can be anyone or just the people in your particular group. Advertisement is the key to doing business – letting people know you offer a product…

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New Business

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FYI Travel Club

jc1bI am so happy to have found a business that I believe will fulfill my wanderlust and take me to new and exotic places, while I earn income to sustain me in my senior years. That business is YTB Travel.  My new site is, where you can book your flight, hotel, vacation package, car rentals, and shop in over 500 stores, online, including Walmart, Staples, and many more.

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Since the age of 4, I have sung and danced in New York, Florida, Philadelphia, PA, and in 8 countries in Europe.  I recorded two CDs of music ( and published 11 books ( I’ve taught over 10,000 students about Amazing Musicwomen in the U.S., Switzerland, China, and Japan.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1997, as a musician, composer, author, educator, and business…

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2014 Update

Near the end of my 11th Doctoral course for Business Marketing, I am closer to graduation than ever before. As I look back over the past two years, much progress has been made.  I’m not situated in Atlanta, GA, where I live with my daughter, Mimi Johnson, CEO of, which has several shows in production. On May 21, I will co-host one of three shows in a series entitled Amazing Musicwomen with vocal musician Sandi Blair.


Meanwhile, we are calling for a Symposium on Women in Arts.  Please LIKE this page at Facebook ( and sign and share this petition:


On May 2, at the Ferst Center in Atlanta, GA, I will be named the first

Lady Jazz Master by Black Women in Jazz & Fine Arts Awards among other astute women in music.


Finally, we encourage everyone to nominate a woman musician/composer for the prestigious NEA Jazz Master Award for 2015. You can do this at


Visit my website at 

About Joan’s Books

a history of AA jazz bluesConscious Inclusion of Women Musicians is published at Versita. I’m working on being published in journals. This is my second published work. The first one is 1993 in IAJE Research Journal – The Sign of The Blues, which is the first of 3 essays in my book A History of African American Jazz and Blues. The other two essays in this book are (2) Jazz: The Unmasked Rhetoric and (3) The Cultural Politics of Commercial Jazz.



Two Important Videos

This first video is an interview by Al Carter-bey, radio DJ at WHPK 88.5 FM in Chicago with Joan Cartwright on the status of women musicians in the U.S.A.

The second video is an interview on KCBS with trumpeter Ellen Seeling on the rally against the all-male Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra that pays each of its members $100,000 annually, funded by governmental agencies like the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA).

Your comments are welcome. To help us promote women musicians, join our non-profit organization that is global. You do not need to be a musician to join us at


Joan Cartwright

Founder/Executive Director

Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.

SPRING 2014 – Second Issue



The second issue to publish online in SPRING 2014

Advertisers are are primary target and you may garner commissions by bringing in ads.

The online rate sheet is on page two. Featured artists will be determined by accomplishments as far as original compositions. Our goal is to identify talented women who compose music and the men who support them. More info to come.

Deadline for ads for the Spring issue is March 21.


Want to advertise?

Contact:, today!

HERstories vs HIStories

What do they call you?

Women Herstories

Since WORDS create our world, this is the problem:

The refusal to acknowledge that white men are not the only folks responsible for creating knowledge makes it easy to run roughshod over the histories of black women knowledge creators and academics who tried to hip us to the political realities of academese long before some of these people were even born.  (Cooper, 2014, p. 1)

Do you see it? The problem?

Black women knowledge creators and academics produce HERstories NOT HIStories!!!

Words are powerful and as long as we allow herstory to be written in the vernacular of history, there will be no clear understanding of herstories. [Reminder: Add “herstories” to your computer’s dictionary.]

Brittany Cooper (2014) wrote:

The new emphasis on literary critical theory is as hegemonic as the world it attacks. I see the language it creates as one that mystifies rather than clarifies our condition…

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2014 Update

TCCI Library of Congress Link:
TCCI Raises $$$ for Student Tallahassee Trip
TCCI raised funds to take 3 students to Tallahassee to take on weeklong jobs as page and messengers. Here are the photos with their peers and Governor Rick Scott.

NAACP had a Rally at the Capitol & Inferred Racial Profiling

NAACP had a Rally at the Capitol & Inferred Racial Profiling & the Issues Surrounding Stand Your Ground for the opening day of Legislative Session. US Congresswoman Corrine Brown and State Representatives Oscar Braynon, Chris Smith, Alan Williams, Perry E. Thurston, Lori Berman, Audrey Gibson & Geraldine Thompson. Attorney Ennis Leon Jacobs, Jr. sang, “A Change is Gong to Come”. NAACP Florida President Adora Obi Nweze & Vice Chair Leon Russell, & Dale Landry NAACP Chapter President, were also in attendance.

Taking a Break at the Aloft Hotel
We took a break the night before Palm Beach County Day at the Aloft Hotel with the County Officials and their staff who had come for their yearly visit to the State Capitol & State Representatives. Some of the officials who were in attendance were County Commissioners Priscilla Taylor, Paulette Burdick, Shelly Vana, Steve Abrams, Riviera Beach Commissioner Judy Davis, County Administrators & Staff Bob Weisman, Verdenia Baker, Jon Van Arnam, Todd Bonalrron, & Judge Jonathan D. Gerber.

Dream Defenders Showed Up to Defend the Dream

Dream Defenders, Comprised Mainly of Young Adults, Showed Up at The Capitol & Showed Unity Regarding Racial Profiling & the Issues Surrounding Stand Your Ground for the Opening Week of Legislative Session.

Representatives Mark Pafford with TCCIKids

State Representatives Mark Pafford took time out from his busy schedule to visit with TCCIKids.

Visit to the Department of Veterans Affairs

TCCIKIDS Visit with US Army Colonel, Retired, Executive Director, Mike Prendergast at the Department of Veterans Affairs, in between their Page/Messenger Rounds at the Capitol.

State Representative Dave Kerner Gets A Motion Passed
TCCIKIDS Accompany State Representative Dave Kerner to A Committee Meeting to Learn About Due Process

Senator Maria Sachs Visits with TCCIKIDS
Senator Maria Sachs Visits with TCCIKIDS While Making Her Rounds at The Capitol

State Representative Bill Hager Visits With TCCIKIDS

State Representative Bill Hager Visits With TCCIKIDS in between committee meetings.

TCCIKIDS Wrap It Up At The Governor’s Mansion
The Students closed out their workweek by taking a tour of the Governor’s Mansion with their peers, before heading back home to Palm Beach County.